Lenacre Hall Farm Development Threat

Tony Bartlett, Chair of both the Kennington Community Forum and the overlapping Sandyhurst Lane Residents’ Association, has again expressed his anger at another “opportunistic and cynically timed” planning application.

This one, for 89 new houses on Lenacre Hall Farm land in Sandyhurst Lane, will affect those Kennington residents as well as residents in both Boughton Aluph & Eastwell and Westwell parishes who live in the Lane.

It has the effect of moving the urban Ashford boundary further out into the rural countryside.

In a joint statement both organisations say:

This is another example of developers making a mockery of local democracy.  Why waste council tax payers’ money on Neighbourhood and Local Plan consultations and council officers’ time and efforts to make responsible and sustainable recommendations on what, and where, housing development should be permitted if these recommendations can be so easily ignored?

How many more “new” sites are to be proposed whilst the Council is forced to go through the “due process” to meet central government imposed targets for the number of houses it thinks Ashford needs?

Surely there should be an embargo on new applications until the Local Plan is published; otherwise greedy landowners and developers are laughing all the way to the bank.”

If you agree that this development is wrong you can add your comments by completing the survey HERE.

More information on the application and the survey can be found on HERE.